Thanks to the growing popularity of damask designs, you can now find wallpaper in colors and patterns that perfectly suit any room in your home and nearly any period building. Here are several to consider.

Grey Damask Grey has become the color du jour in many homes ranging from vintage to modern styles. Grey is a highly versatile color that can fit with numerous styles. To create a contemporary feel, choose larger, bolder patterns. Minimal patterns and color contrast are ideal for smaller rooms or those that have a softer look and feel.

Bold Tones The larger the room, the bolder you can go. Accent walls are also ideal for bright colors and large patterns since they are confined to a specific area. The goal with bold hues and large patterns is to complement existing furniture and large expanses of space.

Metallic Tones Damask wallpaper with metallic tones or patterns requires space with plenty of light to show off the design. For a classic style, patterns with hints of metallic designs are ideal. If you’re going for a more modern feel, choose a glossy design that boasts metallic elements throughout both the pattern and the background.

Patterns When choosing the pattern for your wallpaper, it’s vital to consider the overall look and feel of your room. Beyond that, you can find designs that suit nearly any taste, color scheme, and style. Keep the general guidelines in mind, but have fun, mix and match, and choose patterns that reflect your personality and design sense.

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